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5 Things to know if you're having flower girl in your wedding

September 04 2022 – Rebecca Campbell

5 Things to know if you're having flower girl in your wedding
5 Things to know if you're having flower girl in your wedding

ROLE OF A FLOWER GIRL Typically, flower girls are between the age of three to eight. In the past a flower girl will toss petals out of a basket as she proceeds down the aisle. However, today's brides look for other ways to make their weddings more personal. So instead of having the flower girl toss petals, you can opt for confetti, or let your flower girl hold balloons as she strolls down the aisle is another great alternative too.
WHO TO ASK When it comes to choosing your flower girl, she should be a child who you have a close relationship with, whether it's a niece or a child of the maid of honor or best man or a child of your own, a child of family members or friends. If you can't just narrow down to one, then don't! The more flower girls the more merrier.

BE MY FLOWER GIRL So you have decided who you want to ask to be your flower girl, the next step would be to ask the child's parents first. Once you get their permission, ask your prospective flower girl if she'll do you the honor of being your youngest attendant in your wedding.
PAY FOR THE DRESS The same as with your wedding party, the flower girl's parents will pay for her dress. However, you may offer to purchase the dress for your flower girl as a gift or pick out a thoughtful jewelry for her to keep and cherish.
FLOWER GIRL DRESS Since it's your wedding, you do get the opportunity to choose several dresses option just as you would with your bridesmaids' dresses. If you're a traditional bride, you can go for white or ivory flower girl dresses. For a more modern approach, choose a colored flower girl dress or add a colored sash to the dress that matches the bridesmaids dress or your wedding theme.

Do keep in mind of budget and comfort as the flower girl's parents have to purchase the dress for her and you also want to make sure to keep your flower girl happy on your big day by making her feel comfortable in her flower girl dress. Luckily there're lots of adorable flower girl dresses options with different price points to choose from and great quality too!


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