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Flower Girl Duties 101

September 04 2022 – Rebecca Campbell

Flower Girl Duties 101
Flower Girl Duties 101

Flower girls are usually between the age of three to eight. Traditionally, a flower girl will toss petals from a basket as she proceeds down the aisle just before the maid of honor. However, nowadays flower girls don't necessarily need to toss petals. Instead of a basket of flower petals, a flower girl can stroll down the aisle holding a pomander or a mini bouquet that matches your own.

Another popular choice is to have a flower girl or ring bearer carry a hand painted sign reading, "Here's comes the bride". She can even carry a cute floral purse or blow bubbles while strolling down the aisle. How fun is that! Other super fun alternatives include tossing wrapped candies or confetti.

  The power of buddy system. We think it's a great idea to have two flower girls or pair up ring bearer and flower girl when it comes to proceeding down the aisle, so they can walk together, side by side. By pairing up, it will not only boost their confidence but also added fun.

  Be sure to communicate with the flower girl well in advance to make sure her understanding of the importance of her role. Explain to her about flower girl's duties and the same time make sure she's comfortable with it. Try to include the flower girl in the shower as this will help her get familiar with other bridal attendants. So when the big day arrives, seeing familiar faces as she proceeds down the aisle will make her more at ease.

  Now let's talk about the flower girl dresses. The traditional way is to dress the flower girl in white and/or choose a mini replica of the bride's dress. A more modern take would be dressing the flower girl in an ivory dress or colored dress that matches the bridesmaids or by adding a colored sash to the flower girl's dress is another great option too.


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