Why This Dress is The Most Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Toddlers

March 03 2019 – Rebecca Campbell

Why This Dress is The Most Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Toddlers
Why This Dress is The Most Perfect Flower Girl Dress for Toddlers

Yay, your little one's going to be a flower girl in a wedding. It all sounds so exciting. Yet, you never dreamed it would be this difficult to find a dress. Admittedly, it shouldn’t be this challenging, but designers don’t always keep in mind how even tots have shapes that may differ from one another and that can present quite a few obstacles in your search. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you with our ‘Grace in Lace’ dress. Keep reading to learn why!



The ‘Grace in Lace’ dress provides the ultimate ease and convenience in the flower girl dress search for your toddler. Our Grace in lace style is designed with hassle-free solution for moms dressing their little ones. The dress has elastic back which eliminates the use of zipper and hook. Ultimately, providing comfort for toddlers and also the moms.



Size is a big part of the challenge in the selection process. While a bride might be able to select a dress and having fittings leading up to the wedding, she (at the very least) is done growing. Children, on the other hand, are in their peak stages of growth and are likely to grow significantly in the months leading up to the wedding. Since toddlers are not one-size-fits-all, you need an option that’ll grow with them. Luckily, the ‘Grace in Lace’ dress has you covered. With stretch back, it allows the dress to grow with your flower girl. She’ll also be able to utilize the stretchy straps for maximum comfort. Save time and save money on alterations! Bonus: save your sanity with no complaints that the dress is uncomfortable or doesn’t fit correctly.



The ‘Grace in Lace’ dress is versatile. Whether you're having an indoor/outdoor wedding, rustic barn or chic city wedding. This dress style will match your every need. Grace in lace dress is created with our original sweet-heart neckline design covered in pretty ivory lace, stretchy flutter sleeves and tripe layers of fluff tulle. Additionally, you have the ability to directly customize the dress to your wedding colors with a sash.



All of these factors make the ‘Grace and Lace’ become the best-selling flower girl dress. Don’t waste a minute longer looking for a dress that may need alteration or doesn’t meet your style expectations. The ‘Grace in Lace’ dress solves all your problems with the elastic back, stretchy shoulder straps, and comfortable material. Your little princess will be all smiles and dancing all night long. This dress will definitely bring style and grace to your wedding.

Fattiepie Dresses provides a variety of options for your flower girl dresses .  you can count on us for a high-quality product that keeps your flower girl comfortable and smiling throughout the entire day. The quality is unparalleled, and the dress is a keepsake forever. Get your "Grace in Lace" dress here


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